Critical Wheel

Critical Wheel

Critical Wheel: Getting in Gear

Looking for creative solutions to problems in the residential housing industry?

With the Critical Wheel, Gian Hasbrock, MIRM, MCSP, CGP, CRS, has come up with an ideal metaphor for the sales process. Critical because it is crucial, of essential importance. The wheel is a circular frame arranged to revolve around an axis with the sales professional at the hub. The Critical Wheel describes the journey of the customer. The wheel also means in command or control. Take the wheel of your operations. It starts with sales training. Stop reinventing the wheel repeatedly making unnecessary or redundant preparations. Integrating the sales process with the professional sales personality means sustainable sales success.

Gian is a principal instructor for the Institute of Residential Marketing faculty and an NAHB Master Instructor. He received the Trina Ripley Excellence in Education Award in 2004. Gian is author of Built to Sell and Multicultural Sales. He is co-author of IRM 1: Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers, Effective Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, and CSP (Certified New Home Sales Professional).

He is a co-founder of, a fresh approach to active lifestyle new home sales. Gian was the inaugural recipient of NAHB’s Sales and Marketing Educator of the Year for 2011. He practices what he preaches and teaches as a Sales Counselor for Ryland Homes. Whether your solutions require a local or global perspective, make Gian the Critical Wheel in your operation today.

Gian Hasbrock